Founder of the Radikids


Founder of the Radikids

About Soekie Krog


Soekie Krog (Sandra Schoeman) was born in 1958 in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) from missionary parents. At the age of ten she received Jesus as saviour and devoted her life to Him. She knew that there was a calling on her life to make a difference. She was raised in Western Transvaal, Delareyville, and matriculated at Sannieshof High School. After School she finished a two year Bible school course in Cape town. She and her husband, Johan Krog lives in Hartbeespoort.


Soekie is renowned for the Radikids children's music group with whom she traveled and ministered for approximately 12 years. In 1992 their first Gospel CD was released and, after that, plenty more. Her only solo album, “Daffodils", was recorded after her five year-old son died of cancer. In 2009 Soekie released a traditional gospel CD with Tswana children and a Gospel CD with coloured (Khoi) children was released in January 2011. Her passion is to teach children the word of God and she still produces music with a strong biblical message.




Other interests include puppetry, poetry, gardening and watercolour painting. Soekie also loves traveling and writing.




Vision and Mission



To teach children of all ages and cultures to use their spiritual weapons.



• To create tools (weapons) like prayer books, music, teachings, Bible stories, audio visuals, DVD's, CD's, etc.

• To train adults and children in using these products.

• To translate and publish these in as many languages as possible.

• To train young people in arts and multimedia.

• To reach out with these to other nations with the focus being Africa.


Ministry and Media


Children's ministry South Africa (CMSA) has a threefold sphere of influence: media, education and family.


Although she does not minister with the Radikids any more, she is still invited to church services, schools, camps, women’s meetings as singer, music leader, trainer or speaker. She has a passion to bring the Word of God to young and old in an effective, creative way. Soekie has a strong focus on education and feels that teachers and parents need to be trained for working with children.

Some of her recent themes for training are included in the nine weapons to make a child spiritually prepared, for example:


• The two kingdoms.

• Teach children to pray.

• The Word of God: singing, memorizing scripture and story telling.

• The power of sound through music and worship.

• The spiritual realm and the Holy Spirit.

• Identity: how to identify your child's redemptive gift.

• Character and values.

• Calling and ministry.

• Living in victory every day.



Radio Pulpit:

Soekie was a freelance radio presenter and hosted programs like Hartklop and Padkos on Radio Pulpit. Radio Pulpit can be heard on 6:57 am.


She provided teachings and children's stories for radio broadcast on relevant subjects. These are now available on CD or DVD on our webstore.

New Releases

W.O.W-Wrede Oorlog Wapens ('n Bybelstorie CD vir seuns)

'n Kroon vol Edelstene ('n Storie boekie oor Waardes en edelstene)



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